About Ikon

We're on a mission to transform co-living, provide an amazing customer experience, and excellent returns for our investors.

Our Values
Customer Focused

We're dedicated to providing tenants with quality experiences

Community Driven

We create co-living environments that foster community spirit

Innovative In Design

We design unique homes that people feel excited to live in

Light Hearted

We believe co-living should be an enjoyable, memorable experience

Beautiful spaces that help foster community.

We design memorable co-living spaces that tenants feel excited to live in, and that put an emphasis on community, socialising, and fun.

We know what makes a stand-out co-living property.

Our properties are in the best central locations, have spacious comfortable bedrooms, large relaxing social spaces, and dedicated areas for studying or working. 

If you're a prospective housemate & want to know what properties / rooms, we currently have available.

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